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We have worked on many projects related to Digital Marketing. We built the JJ Trauma website for one of our client Premjit Singh. Later, we got it’s Digital Marketing project after the successful development of the website from scratch. Most people work on blogs, event blogging, products, and Geographical area, we took SEO to next level by targeting the whole continent organically. Now, we are also making and implementing the social media and Facebook paid campaigns strategy for this project. Here is the case study in which we targeted the whole of Africa for our client – orthopedic surgeon.

Project Detail

JJ Trauma became a complete success in Africa. Premjit Singh came to us with an idea about targeting patients with requirement of hip replacement, knee replacement, spinal surgery and other orthopedic requirements. We not only created a complete new website for him but shared the SEO strategy to target the whole Africa in just 3 months.

We made different sub pages for every category and country of Africa. We suggested this strategy by analyzing keywords, doing competitor analysis and from past experience. This strategy gave the whole website a great push and started delivering results within just 3 months. 

ClientPremjit Singh
Project Date14 December 2018
SEO case study
SEO Stats

Weekly Traffic Results

You can check the stats of JJ Trauma project increasing every month since we started. Our strategy will bring you traffic that will engage and convert. Our main focus is to bring in quality traffic rather than quantity.

1.00% CTR


303% ROI

Impressive Results

Using paid campaigns, our goal was to generate calls and form leads. We implemented the reverse funnel strategy to generate desired results. This helped us to generate a truckload of form leads and calls. We took proper follow-ups and target the same audience on emails. We created a custom email template for every category which helped us to get more results.