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Local Business Optimization

Google My Business listing plays a vital role in generating local calls and leads. We help local businesses to improve their map rankings, website local organic traffic, and the number of visitors to their physical storefront in just 1 month. Local business gets traffic from keywords like “service + near me”, “service + location”, and “service”. 

What drives your local business great results

We know that local search optimization is different from traditional search engine optimization. Our experts know what is required to get you on the top position of Google maps and Local organic searches. You will never have to spend any penny on your marketing budget once your business is on top position.

GMB Listing

GMB Listing

Well optimized and up to date local Google My Business listing ranks better in the search engines. Our experts regularly update new posts, reviews, and images on your GMB listing.
Landing Pages

Local Landing Page

Our experts perform a website audit in order to optimize your website for local rankings. We also add geo targetted keywords and content. We also create separate website pages for multiple locations.
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Schema Markup

Schema Markup helps Google to understand a website better. We generate and add schema on your website to improve business rankings. We also implement rich cards if applicable.

NAP Consistency

Consistent business name, address, and phone number across all the listings on Google is the key to improve maps and local 3 pack rankings. Our experts create all citations very carefully.
Content Marketing

Local Content Marketing

Our team reaches out to local bloggers, influencers, and website owners to publish your business content on their websites. This helps us to improve our brand prominence.
Competition analysis

Competitor Analysis

Our experts analyze your competitors to stay one step ahead. Most of the time our competitors have done all of the tough work for us. All we have to do is follow their footsteps with double speed.

Online Reputation

The online reputation of a business is measured by the number of reviews and ratings. Our team keeps track of your online business profiles, mentions, and maintains a good reputation.
Data Aggregators

Data Aggregators

One we submit your business in Data Aggregators, it will automatically submit it in partner sites. This might include some additional costs directly to be paid to Data Aggregator.
Progress Report

Progress Reports

The constant monitoring and analyzing project stats is the key to a successful search engine optimization campaign. We provide reports of the progress using live Google sheets.
Optimized Local Business
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About This Service

Everyone has registered their business in Google via Google My Business listing nowadays. It is a free tool but very powerful. It helps local businesses to generate tons of calls and instore customers. Google gives ranking to a business depending upon the brand prominence, number of citations, website statistics, backlink profile, number of reviews, and many other factors. Our experts keep every aspect in mind making customized Local SEO Plan for your business. Get in touch with us for more details. 

Why Choose Us?

Local 3 Pack Map

Local Snack Pack Rankings

Our result-oriented strategy is capable of getting you in the local 3 pack map. Your business will show in Google 3 pack map for the keywords selected by you. We make a custom plan for every business individually. We create a plan which focuses on quality rather than quantity.

  • Local 3 Pack Rankings.
  • Improved Local Search Presence.
  • Local Organic Rankings Improved. 
  • Improved Calls and Directions.

Improved Stats

Your business will reach new horizons with our strategy. You will constantly see improvements in your rankings, traffics, and sales. Our live reporting system will allow you to keep track of results. 

Improved Rankings Track

Additional Benefits

Keyword Search

The key to a successful SEO campaign is the right keyword research. Our experts keep search intent of business target audience in mind while selecting keywords. We also take approval from the client before proceeding further.

Competitive Analysis

Once the keywords are finalized by the client, we analyse the competitors in order to make a SEO strategy. Our experts analyse competitor backlinks, content strategy, keywords and many other things.

Link Building

We outreach websites on behalf of your brand and convince them to publish your guest post. This does not only give backlink opportunity but also give you the chance to interact with their audience.

Web Marketing Analytics

Our team keep track of traffic, leads, sales, conversions and views in order to monitor the results. We repeat competitor analysis and website audit to improve the strategy on the way towards success.

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